The Scars of Experience

This is the advanced special ability granted by the Tyrannic War Veteran Advanced Specialty.

In the decades since the First Tyrannic War, those who survived have passed on the grim lessons they have learnt to those who have not faced the Great Devourer. It has, since the earliest days of their impromptu brotherhood, been a tradition of the Tyrannic War Veterans to teach as much as to fight, spreading hard-won insight amongst Astartes of every Chapter, and to swear the Apocryphon Oath is one more route for this knowledge to be passed on. A Tyrannic War Veteran in Squad Mode may attempt to impart his knowledge and insight to his squad, his words guiding their deeds. The Battle-Brother may attempt to impart any Talent from the Tyrannic War Veteran Advances list, below, which is listed in italics and which the Battle-Brother has purchased. This requires a Full-Round Action and costs a single point of Cohesion, at which point all those in Support Range of the Battle-Brother count as possessing the Talent until the end of the combat.

In addition, the Battle-Brother gains the Hatred (Tyranids) Talent for free upon entering this Advanced Speciality, and gains 1d10 Renown due to the recent memory of the First Tyrannic War.

i.e. Fearless, Hunter of Aliens, Resistance (Poisons), Strong Minded, and Tyrannic War Strategem.

The Scars of Experience

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