Stalker Rounds

Req 5 | Renown -

Stalker rounds were designed to sniping use in Stalker-pattern boltguns, and that is still where they achieve maximum efficacy. However, they may be used in other bolt weapons to reduce their report. A stalker round’s core is replaced with gas propellant and the mass-reactive explosive replaced with solid mercury.

Effects: Awareness Tests to hear shots made with stalker rounds suffer an additional -30 penalty and can only be attempted at half the normal distance. Reduce the weapon’s Damage by 2. When used in a Stalker-pattern Boltgun, this damage penalty does not apply. Additionally in such a weapon, no Tests to detect the shot are possible (however, depending on the situation, the appropriate Opposed Skill Test may be required for the firer himself to remain hidden).

Used With: All bolt weapons.

Stalker Rounds

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