Oath to the Emperor

A Battle-Brother’s loyalty to the Emperor is a vital part of his existence, a value instilled in him since his induction and a shield he carries with him wherever he goes. Often before battle, Space Marines gather in the Watch Fortress’ grand shrine to the Emperor and reaffirm these oaths of loyalty, giving themselves a greater sense of purpose and renewing their fervour for defending the Imperium.

Prerequisite: Tactical Marine, Librarian or Apothecary

Effect: Those who take the Oath to the Emperor before battle have spent long hours praying to the Emperor and are filled with his righteous zeal. All members of the Kill-team may add +10 to Willpower Tests for the duration of the Mission.

Squad Mode Abilities: Fire for Effect, Regroup and Strongpoint.

Deathwatch: Core Rulebook pg. 229

Oath to the Emperor

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