Oath of Glory

The Adeptus Astartes relentlessly seek glory in the Emperor’s name, often pushing themselves to feats of greatness (even by the high standards of the superhuman Space Marines) against the Imperium’s foes. Such feats become the tales of glory told within a Chapter and can earn those responsible great respect and standing amongst their peers.

Prerequisite: Tactical Marine or Assault Marine

Effect: Those that take the Oath of Glory pledge to the Emperor, their Chapter, their Primarch, and their Battle-Brothers to prove themselves in battle above and beyond their duty. All members of a Kill-team which take this oath will gain an additional point of Renown for each Primary and Secondary Objective that the Kill-team completes, as long as they are personally involved.

Squad Mode Abilities: Squad Advance, Bolter Assault and
Furious Charge.

Deathwatch: Core Rulebook pg. 229

Oath of Glory

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