The Medicae Skill helps diagnose and treat injuries by suturing wounds, applying counterseptic, and use of medical devices such as the Narthecium. On individual patients, Medicae provides first aid and extended care, for short and long-term treatment. On larger groups of wounded, Medicae can help save the lives of those that can be saved and apply the Emperor’s grace to those who cannot, resulting in fewer overall deaths. It can also help diagnose widespread medical problems and apply the ounce of prevention before the pound of cure becomes necessary.
Skill Use: Full Action

Special uses

First Aid

The Medicae Skill performs first aid for the injured, removing a small amount of damage by suturing lacerations, bandaging abrasions, and plugging punctures. A successful Medicae Test removes Damage equal to the character’s Intelligence Bonus on lightly damaged characters, or 1 Damage from heavily or critically damaged characters. Performing First Aid is a full round action. First Aid may only be applied to each wound once and is a full round action by you and your patient. The First Aid use of the Medicae Skill can be used to treat any number of untreated injuries with a single Medicae Test. If successful, the Medicae Test removes damage as detailed above. Once the Medicae Test is performed, the injuries are treated (for better or worse) and cannot be treated with another First Aid Test. They may be treated with an Extended Care Test.

Extended Care

Using the Medicae Skill for extended care speeds the healing process. The character can properly treat a number of patients equal to his Intelligence Bonus. Each additional patient imposes a cumulative –10 penalty to Medicae Tests to provide extended care. For lightly damaged patients, make one test at the end of each day. For heavily or critically damaged patients, test once at the end of each week. Success allows each patient to remove twice the normal Damage—removing Critical Damage first—plus 1 additional Damage for each Degree of Success. Failure does not adversely affect the character’s patients, who heal at the normal rate. Two or three Degrees of Failure indicates that all lightly and heavily damaged patients take 1 Damage each, using sudden death to resolve any Critical Damage (see page 250). Four or more Degrees of Failure indicates all patients take 1d10 Damage, using sudden death to resolve Critical Damage (see Healing).


The Medicae Skill can also be used to diagnose disease and other ailments, both on one’s fellow characters and also on the crew at large. On individuals, a successful Skill Test yields the name of the ailment and basic treatments. When used on groups, a successful Skill Test prevents casualties to the Crew Population due to disease or malnutrition due to extended voyages.

Harvest Gene-Seed

As part of an Apothecary’s battlefield duties, he trains in the use of harvesting the gene-seeds of his fallen brothers. An Apothecary may use this Skill to extract the gene-seed from a fallen Space Marine with the use of a Narthecium.


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