Use the Dodge skill as a Reaction to nullify a successful hand-to-hand or ranged attack. Success on the Skill Test means the attack has been avoided and deals no damage. See below for more information on Dodge.
Skill Use: Reaction


Type: Reaction
Subtype: Movement

Dodge is a Reaction that a character can perform when it is not his Turn. After a character is hit, but before Damage is rolled, the character can attempt to avoid the attack by making a Dodge Test. A character must be aware of the attack in order to make the test. If the test succeeds, the character gets out of the way at the last moment and the attack is considered to have missed (and thus no Damage is rolled). If the Dodge Test fails, the attack connects and deals Damage normally. Dodge can be used to avoid both melee and ranged attacks.

Dodging auto-Fire and area effect attacks

Some attacks, such as those made with grenades, flamers, or guns firing semi-automatic or fully-automatic bursts, are especially difficult to avoid. When Dodging an area effect weapon (such as a flamer), a successful Dodge Test moves the character to the edge of the area of effect, as long as it is no further away than the character’s Agility Bonus in metres. If the character would need to move further than this to avoid the attack, then the Dodge Test automatically fails. When Dodging Full Auto or Semi-Auto Bursts, each Degree of Success on the Dodge Test negates one additional hit.


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