Astartes Power Armour

Astartes power armour is the high standard against which other forms of Imperial protection are measured. The commanding sight of the God-Emperor’s warriors in their iconic battle gear has routed more than one enemy force without firing a shot. Heavy ceramite plates form the basis for most suits, actuated by electrically motivated fibre bundles that replicate the movements of the wearer and enhance his strength. Not only are Adeptus Astartes patterns the pinnacle of power armour technology, but a Space Marine’s unique interface implants ensure that his armour responds with the speed and precision of his own body. each Battle-Brother is responsible for the care of his own suit of power armour, the components of which may have served his Chapter for millennia before him.

Astartes power armour contains many complex sub-systems, and it is the synergy of advanced technology with Space Marine physiology that makes Battle-Brother in power armour so deadly. This combination yields the following effects:

Ceramite Plating: Provides AP 10 to the Body and AP 8 to all other Locations.

Enhanced Strength: Increase the Battle-Brother’s Strength by +20. The effect on SB is calculated after the Unnatural Strength multiplier.

Auto-senses: The Space Marine gains the Dark Sight Trait, and Heightened Senses (+10 to relevant Tests) for Sight and Sound. Input filtering provides immunity to photon flash grenades and stun grenades. note that these benefits only apply whilst the Space Marine is weaping his helmet, and the benefits from the Auto-senses stack with the benefits of the Space Marine’s Lyman’s Ear and Occulobe implants (meaning that Space Marines have a +20 to Sight-based and Sound-based Awareness Tests). Additionally, the AutoSenses make the Called Shot Action into a Half Action.

Osmotic Gill Life Sustainer: With the helmet on, the armour is environmentally sealed and can maintain an adequate oxygen supply as long as the unit is powered.

Bio-monitor and Injectors: If the internal cogitator detects a problem with the wear’s bio-signs, it can administer pain suppressors, combat stimms, and anti-toxins. this provides the following benefits:

  • +10 to Tests resisting the Toxic Quality and similar poison effects.
  • The Pain suppressor reservoir has a total of 6 doses, each of which can beused to ignore Critical Effects for 1d10 rounds. Rhe doses may be used in succession or staggered.
  • If the wearer is Stunned, the effect lasts a maximum of one round before the bio-monitor detects and negates it.

Vox Link: Serves as a standard vox and a channel for any more sophisticated data transmissions the suit or its wearer can access. The bio-monitor feed also transmits through this link, permitting a squad to view each others’ vitals.

Magnetized Boot Soles: Can be activated to provide the equivalent of Magboots.

Nutrient Recycling: Filters in the armour capture and purify body waste, re-constituting it into a nutrient solution that is intravenously returned to the body. this can sustain a Battle-Brother for long periods of time, but not indefinitely. For every two weeks that no other source of nutrition is ingested, make a Toughness Test or suffer one level of Fatigue until nutrition is consumed. the Difficulty of this test increases one step for every two weeks that passes without food or Preomnor-derived sustenance.

Recoil Suppression: Provides the ability to fire Basic weapons one-handed. Ranged weapons not classed as Pistols still may not be used in Close Combat.

Giant Among Men: A Space Marine in power armour is Hulking. This increases the Base Movement by 1; however, the grace afforded by his Black Carapace negates the modifier enemies would otherwise have to attack him. He still suffers the unual penalties to Concealment and Silent Move for being heavily armoured.

Poor Manual Dexterity: While protective, armoured gloves are not ideal for fine manipulation. Delicate tasks suffer a -10 penalty unless using equipment designed for Space Marines. Similarly, ranged weapons other than those of the Astartes design are too small for an armoured Battle-Brother ro wield at all. The power armour helmet can be donned or removed as a half-action.

Assuming power armour is a sacred ritual, honouring the machine spirit’s history of valiant deeds and praying for its boons in the battles to come. It takes 20 minutes to remove or don power armour un-aided, but never less than 5 minutes no matter the amount of assistance as the proper rites must be observed.

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Astartes Power Armour

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