Warhound Titan

“A Titan is nothing less than the Omnissiah given form.”
–Techmarine Ignatius

Titans are massive walking war machines, the most powerful vehicles the Imperium can field—though to call them a mere “vehicle” is to belittle their sheer awe-inspiring power. Plated in thick adamantium armour, protected by crackling void shields, and mounting terrifyingly destructive weapons, Titans are more than simply fighting machines. They are the wrath of the Omnissiah present on the fi eld of battle, and the tech-adepts of the Adeptus Mechanicus revere them as such.
Titans are organised into Titan Legions, controlled by the Adeptus Titanicus—itself the military arm of the Adeptus Mechanicus. From their Forge worlds, the Mechancius dispatches its Titans throughout the galaxy to reinforce the fighting forces of the Imperium. To the Mechanicus, Titans are living relics, carefully tended with thousands of rituals and prayers. The loss of a Titan is a grievous blow, each mourned on the Titan’s Forge world as one might mourn the death of a great leader or peerless warrior. Thus, Titans are not sent forth needlessly, but only dispatched when their presence is the only possibility of changing the tide of battle.
Titans are bipedal machines that tower over other vehicles on the battlefield. Most have two arms sporting weapons more powerful than anything carried by lesser vehicles, and the larger variants often have carapace-mounted weapons as well. They have heavily armoured chests containing massive and dangerously volatile plasma reactors, the burning heart of the Titan. The machine’s head is the command module, where the vehicle’s pilots and crew direct the Titan’s actions.
The Warhound Titan is the smallest class of Imperial Titan, sometimes referred to as “Scout” Titans. Though it may seem ludicrous to think of these behemoths as scouts, compared to the larger Reavers, Warlords, and the monstrous Imperators, the Warhound is lightly armed and armoured. However, it is much faster and more agile, allowing it to outflank and outmanoeuvre larger Titans. For this reason, Warhounds often operate in pairs.
The Warhound is crewed by devout members of the Adeptus Mechanicus. The commander of any Titan is known as a Princeps, and he communes directly with the Titan’s machine-spirit through mind-impulse controls. Two Moderati aid him in this task, one of whom serves as the steersman and navigator while the other functions as the gunnery commander and sensor operator. The forth member of the crew is a Tech-priest, who remains in the Titan’s engine room and controls the plasma reactor, constantly monitoring and balancing its power output to avoid catastrophic meltdown or a runaway reaction. Several mono-tasked servitors aid the crew in their operations.
In battle, Warhounds often operate on the flanks of conflicts, seeking enemy tanks and infantry more often than other Titans. Their weapons—Vulcan Mega-bolters, Doublebarrelled Turbolaser Destructors, Inferno Guns, and Plasma Blastguns—are the lightest Titan weapons, better at taking out tanks and infantry than enemy machines.
In the Jericho Reach, the Titans of the Legio Venator have proven invaluable in the Crusade, as much so as the contributions of the Adeptus Astartes. While the Legion’s Warlords and Reavers earn much of the glory with their impressive contributions to decisive victories, the Warhounds of the two scout maniples sent through the Gate win just as many battles with accurate intelligence and crippling hit and fade strikes.

Warhound Titan Lupus Tempestus

Lupus Tempestus is a renowned machine, a veteran Titan of the Legio Venator. In the Crusade it cut its teeth fi ghting Tau in the Canis Salient. Lupus and its Princeps, Terrach Vex, used their mobility to full effect and employed the Tau’s Hunter Cadres’ own tactics of lightning strikes and hit and run attacks against them. More than one Tau thrust headed from the front found itself engaged from an unexpected quarter and robbed of momentum by Lupus Tempestus, before being destroyed by a concerted Imperial counterattack. Although the Tau do not use Titan-like vehicles as a rule, Vex has brought down two of their super-heavy warship flyers, the Mantas.

Type: Walker Tactical Speed: 16m
Cruising Speed: 58kph Manoeuvrability: +0
Structural Integrity: 90 Size: Massive
Armour: Front 50, Side 45, Rear 45
Carrying Capacity: None
Crew: Princeps, 2 Moderati, 1 Tech-priest, 6 monotask servitors


The Lupus Tempestus is equipped with two arm-mounted weapons, a Plasma Blastgun and a Vulcan Mega-bolter. All of a Titan’s weapons may fire in a turn, as they are either being fired by the Moderati or the Princeps.

Plasma Blastgun: the plasma blastgun has two firing modes. It may only be fi red in one mode in any given turn:

  • Regular: (Facing Front/Left/Right, Range 600m, Heavy, S/2/–, 2d10+20 E, Pen 8, Clip —, Reload —, Blast [12], Volatile)
  • Maximal: (Facing Front/Left/Right, Range 800m, Heavy, S/–/–, 3d10+26 E, Pen 10, Clip —, Reload —, Blast [16] Volatile)

Vulcan mega-bolter: (Facing Front/Left/Right, Range 400m, Heavy, –/–/15, 2d10+13 X, Pen 7, Clip 14000, Reload —, Inaccurate, Storm, Tearing)

These are two additional weapons the Warhound is often equipped with:

Double-barrelled Turbo-laser Destructor: (Facing Front/ Left/Right, Range 1000m, Heavy, S/–/–, 4d10+30 E, Pen 20, Clip —, Reload —, Blast [8], Felling [2], Twin-Linked)

Inferno Gun: (Facing Front/Left/Right, Range 50m, S/–/–, 2d10+15 E, Pen 8, Clip 200, Reload —, Flame, Reliable)

Special Rules

Super-heavy Walker: Walkers are able to ignore penalties for moving through difficult terrain, and negotiate obstacles such as rock slides, tank traps, fallen trees, and shattered buildings without penalty. This walker is particularly large and powerful. It is 14 metres tall and can walk over obstacles 5 metres high, or simply bulldoze through walls, forests, or medium-sized buildings without suffering negative affects.
Enhanced Auspex Arrays: Titans have powerful auspex arrays to aid in combat. The crew of this vehicle suffers no penalties for darkness, foul weather, or other effects that would normally obscure vision. In addition, they gain a +20 to all Awareness Tests, and may make Awareness Tests at ranges of up to 5 kilometres (at the GM’s discretion, the Auspex may function far further than that in certain circumstances, such as if the target is another Titan).
Reinforced Hull: When a vehicle with a Reinforced Hull receives a Critical Hit, halve the result, rounding up. This quality does not affect rolls on the Critical Hit chart generated by Righteous Fury.
Titanic Critical Hits: Titan and other extremely large vehicles use their own Critical Hit Chart.
Weapon Qualities: Titan-class weapons have certain unique characteristics based on their size:
Vulcan Mega-bolter—Area Saturation: The Vulcan Megabolter is extremely inaccurate, and a Titan’s crew often simply saturate an area with fi re to eliminate swaths of troops. When used in this manner, instead of fi ring normally designate a 20 metre by 20 metre area. The Titan then makes one Ballistic Skill Test against each target in the area—anything hit takes one hit from the Vulcan Mega-bolter, and can dodge as normal.
Inferno Gun—Titanic Flame Weapon: When firing the Inferno Gun the Titan may pick any point with the weapon’s range as the point of origin for the spray. The spray extends for 40 metres past that point, following normal Flame rules.
Void Shields: Titan generators can produce enough power to run massive void shields, protecting the vehicle in an invisible nimbus of energy. However, void shields can be overloaded by sustained fire. Void shields count as a barrier with 25 AP that surrounds a Titan in all directions at a 5 metre distance. To disable a void shield, attacks must deal 20 damage past the 25 AP. This damage is cumulative (to represent the void shield) slowly overloading, but a weapon’s Penetration has no effect on a void shield. Attacks from within the 5 metre projection distance ignore the void shields and directly affect the Titan.
The Warhound has two void shields, each of which must be brought down before any ranged attacks outside the void shield radius can affect the Titan. Once a shield is brought down, the Tech-priest can attempt to restore them by making a Diffi cult (–10) Tech-Use Test. Success means one shield is restored in 1d5+5 Rounds. This time is reduced by one Round for every degree of success, to a minimum of one Round.
Renown: Titans have no rating, as they are near-unique relics guarded zealously by the Adeptus Mechanicus and deployed only with their approval and scrutiny. One can only enlist a Titan’s aid at the GM’s discretion.

Titan Critical Hit Chart
d10 Roll Result
1–3 Disrupting Blow: One of the Titan’s crew is momentarily stunned by the impact of a particularly jarring hit. That crewman (determined by the GM) must make a Routine (+10) Toughness Test or be stunned for 2 Rounds. If at least half the Titan’s Command Crew are stunned, 1 weapon may not fire. Shooting from the Titan takes a non-cumulative –10 penalty during the next round. If the Titan has a gunnery commander and a Princeps, the gunnery commander is always affected by the Critical Hit unless already suffering from the effects of a previous Critical Hit, in which case the Princeps suffers the effects.
4 Hammer Blow: The Titan’s pilot or steersman is momentarily shaken by a direct hit that barely fails to penetrate the armour. He must make a Routine (+10) Toughness Test or be stunned for 1d5 rounds. If the Titan has both a steersman and a Princeps, the steersman is always affected by the Critical Hit unless already suffering from the effects of a previous Critical Hit, in which case the Princeps suffers the effects.
5 Weapon Damaged: A randomly selected weapon on the Titan is hit by the full effects of the blast. However, Titan weapons are notoriously resilient. Roll 1d10, on a 7 or higher the weapon is damaged to the point where it may not fire until repaired (outside the course of the battle). On any other result, the weapon simply may not fire during the next Round.
6–7 Drive Damaged: The Titan’s motive engines are damaged, slowing it to a limping gait. Reduce the Titan’s Tactical speed by 1d10 (and cruising speed by one quarter the original speed). If this brings either speed to zero, the TItan is immobilised and cannot move until repaired (outside the course of the battle).
8–9 Penetrating Hit: A powerful shot burns through the Titan’s armour. Reduce the armour on the Titan’s facing that took the hit by one quarter the original value. In addition, roll a d100. On a result of 20 or less, 1d5 crewmembers are hit (a lucky strike to the command chamber or drive chamber). If hit, the crewmember takes 2d10 damage from flying shards of metal.
10 Fire!: A plasma conduit ruptures or fuel reserves ignite. The crew has 1d5 rounds before they begin Suffocating, and 1d5+5 rounds before the fi re reaches the command compartment, and they must make a Challenging (+0) Agility Test or catch on fi re each round. Using the machine’s integral fire-suppression equipment and shutting off damaged components requires the crew to not take any actions for one round while making a Difficult (–10) Tech-Use Test. This Test may be attempted multiple times.
11 Structural Loss: Devastating blows cause cascading destruction throughout the Titan as machinery tears itself apart under the strain. The Titan takes 2d10 additional Structural Integrity damage, which may well lead to…
12+ Destroyed: The Titan is destroyed by the force of the attack. Roll 1d10, with a result of 1–6 indicating Corpse of the God-Machine and 7–10 indicating an Apocalyptic Explosion!
Corpse of the God Machine: The Titan’s reactor flickers and dies, and the dead corpse either freezes in place or topples forward, potentially crushing those who attacked it. The Titan is effectively destroyed, and cannot be repaired save through centuries of work in a Forge world.
Apocalyptic Explosion!: The containment of the Titan’s plasma reactor breaches, resulting in a horrific explosion. Roll 2d10 and multiply the result by 10. This is the blast zone. Everything within the blast zone takes 5d10+10 E damage, with a Pen of 10 (roll once for everyone). Reduce the rolled damage result by 2 for every full 10 metres the target is from the exploding Titan. Where the Titan once stood are only a few charred pieces and a giant crater plated in molten glass.

Warhound Titan

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