Special Issue Ammunition

Tactical flexibility is paramount given the unknown situations Deathwatch squads are often thrust into. Battle-brothers in the organisation make extensive use of variant bolt rounds that have numerous advantages over even the considerable power of standard bolt shells.

The cost to Requisition special ammunition listed in Special Issue Ammunition (Bolt) Table represents one clip for any applicable weapon, except Pistols which halve the listed Requisition cost due to their smaller magazine. Special issue ammunition for Heavy Bolters adds +5 to the Requisition for a regular clip or +15 if an Astartes Backpack Ammo supply is used.

Special Issue Ammunition (Bolt)

Name Req Renown
Astartes Backpack Ammo Supply N/A
Dragonfire Shells 28 Respected
Hellfire Rounds 25
Implosion Shells 27 Respected
Kraken Rounds 15
Metal Storm Rounds 15
Stalker Rounds 5
Vengeance Rounds 25 Famed
Witch Bolts 12 Distinguished

Deathwatch: Core Rulebook pg. 159


Deathwatch Kill-teams are deployed into a variety of unusual situations and missions that require tactical fl exibility. Deathwatch Space Marines often make extensive use of special ammunition in order to achieve victory.

Special Issue Ammunition (Various Solid Projectiles)

Name Req Renown
Breaching Rounds 8 Distinguished
Ignis Rounds 10 Famed
Penetrator Rounds 6 Distinguished
Razorweb Ammo 6 Famed
Shredder Rounds 7 Distinguished
Slug Rounds 4

Rites of Battle pg. 140

Special Issue Ammunition

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