Action: Full Action
Cost: 2 Cohesion
Sustained: No

Effects: A Kill-team stands united and is always stronger supporting each other against their foes. As a Full Action, the Battle-Brother may order a Regroup to allow himself and those in Support Range of him to move up to twice their Agility Bonus in any direction, just as if they had made a Full Move Action. In addition, Regroup move does not trigger enemy Overwatch or Suppression Fire.

Improvement: If the Battle-Brother is Rank 4 or more, in addition to this free movement, Battle-Brothers may reload any weapons they are currently carrying, provided doing so would only be a Half Action or a Free Action.

This ability only lasts for the duration of the Battle-Brother’s turn instead of the full combat.

Available after swearing the Oath to the Emperor or Oath of Loyalty.

Deathwatch: Core Rulebook pg. 223


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