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  • Stalker Rounds

    Req 5 | Renown - Stalker rounds were designed to sniping use in Stalker-pattern boltguns, and that is still where they achieve maximum efficacy. However, they may be used in other bolt weapons to reduce their report. A stalker round's core is replaced …

  • Kraken Rounds

    Req 15 | Renown - The superior propellants in kraken rounds provide increased range without sacrificing armour penetration, while their ultra-dense adamantine composition and improved explosive charge provide a final burst of force for puncturing the …

  • Hellfire Rounds

    25 Requisition per magazine (13 for a Bolt Pistol, 30 for a Heavy Bolter or 40 with a backpack ammo supply)

    Originally designed to combat the Tyranid threat, hellfire rounds have a devastating effect on organic matter. Their cores are replaced …

  • Slug Rounds

    4 Requisition per magazine.

    A heavy, solid block of adamantine designed to deal massive damage and inflict as much trauma on a victim as possible. Slug rounds also make good close-range anti-materiel rounds.

    Astartes Backpack Ammo Supply

    | Wt. | Req | Renown | | 40 | N/A | – | Many weapons require larger ammunition sources to function during extended battles. A backpack supply fits over the standard backpack power unit on Astartes power armour. For energy weapons, the supply is a …

  • Special Issue Ammunition

    Tactical flexibility is paramount given the unknown situations Deathwatch squads are often thrust into. Battle-brothers in the organisation make extensive use of variant bolt rounds that have numerous advantages over even the considerable power of …

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