Unnatural Characteristic

One of more of the creature’s characteristics is unnatural. Each time this trait is gained, select a Characteristic, and double its bonus. For example, a creature with a Strength of 41 normally has a 4 Strength Bonus. With thsitrait, its Strength Bonus increases to 8.

The trait may be gained multiple times. Each time, you may select a new Characteristic or one chosen previously. Each time, you may select a new Characteristic or one chosen previously. Each time you apply this trait to the same Characteristic, the Bonus multiplier increases by 1. For example, one selection multiplies the Characteristic Bonus by x2, two selections by x3, and three selections x4. Note that this trait does not modify the creature’s movement.

During Opposed Characteristic Tests, on a success, the bonus multiplier is added to the degree of success. Any additional multipliers for Unnatural Characteristics (i.e. if a Space Marine with Unnatural Strength (x2) uses a Powerfist, which doubles the user’s Strength Bonus), simply improves the existing multiplier by 1. For a Space Marine using a Powerfist, he would triple his Strength Bonus rather than doubling it and the doubling it again.

When taking a Skill Test based upon a Characteristic with the Unnatural trait, the base Difficulty of the Test is staged downwards one level for degree of multiplier past normal (to a maximum of +30). For example: the Archmagos Voltaic has a Dark Age of Technology cortical implant giving him Unnatural Intelligence (x3). He is called on to repair a damaged plasma core using his Intelligence based Tech Use skill. Normally this would be a Very Hard (-30) Test, but thanks to his Unnatural Intelligence the Difficulty is reduced by two stages to Difficult (-10), (-1 stage for x2, and -1 for x3).

During Opposed Characteristic Tests, where success is achieved, the Unnatural multiplier is added to the degrees of success. In the case of a tie, the participant without the Unnatural Characteristic trait loses the Opposed Test. For example: Garm Felbood is struggling with a tentacled monstrosity from the swamps of Dusk. Garm has Strength 40 and the thing from the swamp has Strength 33 (Unnatural (x2)). Garm rolls 20 (two degrees of success) and the thing rolls 30 (straight success), unfortunately the thing adds +2 degrees of success because of its (x2) modifier, bringing the Opposed Test to a draw. This translates to victory to the swamp thing as it has Unnatural Strength and poor old Garm does not!

Unnatural Characteristic

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