Size is an important factor when shooting ranged weapons because it is usually easier to hit a larger target. All characters and creatures in Deathwatch have a defined size category, and it should be relatively easy for the GM to assign appropriate size categories to objects as needed. Use Target Size Modifiers for working out bonuses and penalties based on a target’s size.

Target Size Modifiers
Size Modifier
Minuscule (autoquill, knife) –30
Puny (bolt pistol, servo-skull) –20
Scrawny (Gretchin, Human child) –10
Average (Human, Eldar) 0
Hulking (Ork Nob, Armoured Space Marine) +10
Enormous (Sentinel Walker, Krootox) +20
Massive (Battle Tank, Greater Daemon) +30
Immense (Land Raider, Great Knarloc) +40
Monumental (Squiggoth, Baneblade) +50
Titanic (Reaver Battle Titan, Ordinatus War Machine) +60

Trait Groups: Miniscule, Puny, Weedy, Hulking, Enormous, Massive

Creatures come in one of seven different size categories, as shown on the following chart. Size affects movement and how easy or hard it is to strike that creature in combat. (When calculating movement, apply the size modifier first, and then other modifiers from other traits or talents.) For the purposes of comparison, a human is an average-sized creature.

Size Modifier Concealment Base Movement
Miniscule –30 +30 Agility Bonus –3
Puny –20 +20 Agility Bonus –2
Scrawny –10 +10 Agility Bonus –1
Average 0 0 Agility Bonus
Hulking +10 –10 Agility Bonus +1
Enormous +20 –20 Agility Bonus +2
Massive +30 –30 Agility Bonus +3


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