The character uses Intimidate Tests to pressure individuals to give in to his demands. The character does not make an Intimidate Test every time he makes a threat, but only when it involves coercion. Though Intimidate lists Strength as its associated Characteristic, the character may substitute either Intelligence or Fellowship if the threat involves more subtle methods than brute force, such as blackmail or humiliation. An Intimidate Test affects a number of targets equal to the character’s Strength, Intelligence, or Fellowship Bonus, depending on the characteristic used for the test. The targets must be able to see and hear the character clearly, either in person or via pict or vox-caster, and speak a common language.
Skill Use: Full Action

Special uses

War Cry

As part of a Charge Action a character may use the Intimidate skill to make a war cry. This is a Free Action that targets the recipient or recipients of the character’s charge—i.e. those he will end up in combat with and make melee attacks against. The character then makes an Intimidate Test, based on Strength, opposed by the target’s Willpower. If the character is successful, the target suffers –10 to all Parry and Dodge tests against the charging character.
Creatures immune to the effects of Fear and other mind-effecting psychology are immune to the effects of a war cry.


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