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  • Hive World

    _“The great hives are not like other worlds in the Imperium, and you are not like the common man. Technology has surrounded you all your life, and you find its rarity elsewhere bemusing. You are an adventurer, an opportunist—more inquisitive than your …

  • Barney Style

    (This, is the capital letter, A) JK you won't have much access to real DH books, and you have your own book to write. *BRINGING DARK HERESY INTO DEATHWATCH* The *DEATHWATCH* game has a ready-made way for integrating *DARK HERESY* characters, and …

  • Mind Cleansed

    *Mind Cleansed* _“I awoke in a bare, steel cell and knew not who I was. I asked the crimson-clad guards who took me, but they would not answer, nor would the chanting priest, the empty-eyed psyker or even the terrible lord in his gilded armour. Then my …

  • Assassin

    _“The Emperor wills all things, even death. Some deaths He wills swifter than others…”_ — Asthrid, Assassinorum Priestess. Assassins are skilled killers, adept at getting close to a target and ending their days. Some are cold-blooded executioners …

  • Crack Shot

    *Prerequisites:* Ballistic Skill 40. You are able to target your shots at the places where they will inflict more harm. When your ranged attack deals Critical Damage, you deal an extra 2 points.

  • Deadeye Shot

    *Prerequisites:* Ballistic Skill 30. You always hit an opponent right between the eyes… or wherever else you intended to hit him. When making a Called Shot, you take only a –10 penalty instead of the normal –20.

  • Marksman

    *Prerequisites:* Ballistic Skill 35. Distance is no object with a gun in your hand, and you are just as adept at picking off far away targets as those nearby. You suffer no penalties for shooting at Long or Extended [[Range]].

  • Mighty Shot

    *Prerequisites:* Ballistic Skill 40. You know how to blast away with a gun to cause the most damage to a target. You add +2 to Damage you inflict with a ranged weapon.

  • Pistol Training

    *Talent Groups:* Bolt, Flame, Las, Launcher, Melta, Plasma, Primitive, SP. You have received training in a group of pistols and can use them without penalty.

  • Sharpshooter

    *Prerequisites:* Ballistic Skill 40, Deadeye Shot. You are skilled at making difficult shots. When making a Called Shot you do not incur the normal –20 penalty. This Talent replaces Deadeye Shot.

  • Rapid Reaction

    *Prerequisites:* Agility 40. You have a hair trigger and react to a change in any situation in an instant. When Surprised or ambushed, you may make an Agility Test to act normally.

  • Rapid Reload

    You have spent so long practising weapons drills that you can reload a gun in an instant. All reload times are reduced by half (round down)—so a Half Action reload become a Free Action, a Full Action reload becomes a Half Action and so on.

  • Basic Weapon Training

    *Talent Groups:* Bolt, Flame, Las, Launcher, Melta, Plasma, Primitive, SP. You have received Basic Weapon Training in a group of weapons, and can use them without penalty.

  • Fearless

    Whether through fervent loyalty or a derangement of the mind, you are impossible to frighten or unnerve. You are immune to the effects of Fear and Pinning, but to disengage from combat or back down from a fight you must first succeed on a Willpower Test.

  • Hip Shooting

    *Prerequisites:* Ballistic Skill 40,Agility 40. You are able to shoot whilst on the move. As a Full Action, you may simultaneously move up to your Full Move rate and make a single attack with a pistol.

  • Jaded

    *Prerequisites:* Willpower 30. You have seen the worst the galaxy has to throw at you to the point that you are acclimatised to the worst horrors. You never gain Insanity Points from the sight of blood, death or violence, or indeed any mundane horror. …

  • Step Aside

    *Prerequisites:* Agility 40, Dodge. You are quick at getting out of the way of attacks. You may make an additional Dodge once per Round. In effect this gives a character a second Reaction that may only be used to Dodge, thus allowing them to make two …

  • Bolt Pistol

    | Name | Class | [[Range]] | RoF | Dam | Pen | Clip | Rld | Special | Wt | Cost | Availability | | Bolt Pistol | Pistol | 30m | S/2/– | 1d10+5 X | 4 | 8 | Full | [[Tearing]] | 3.5 kg | 250 | Rare | Carrying a bolt pistol is a sign of high status in …

  • Peer

    *Prerequisites:* Fellowship 30. *Talent Groups:* Academics, AdeptusArbites, Adeptus Mechanicus, Administratum, Astropaths, Ecclesiarchy, Feral Worlders, Government, Hivers, Inquisition, Middle Classes, Military, Nobility, The Insane, Underworld, Void …

  • Untouchable

    h2. *UNTOUCHABLE (X) (TRAIT)* *Prerequisites:* Character Creation Only, Must Not Possess a Psy Rating Untouchables have no presence in the warp and inhibit psychic energy in the immediate area. This Trait has different levels of effect. The number in …

  • Influence

    _"The Inquisition is, by and large, an institution of peers. Essentially, there are but two ranks: Inquisitor and Inquisitor Lord. This means that, in theory, the vast majority of Inquisitors are equal, and that some are more equal than the others. In …

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