Thunderhawk for Kill-team Enigma


Thunderhawk Gunship

Type: Spacecraft Tactical Speed: 30m/ 30 AUs
Cruising Speed: 1,750 Maneuverability: +20
Structural Integrity: 90 Size: Massive
Armour: Front 37, Side 37, Rear 25
Crew: Pilot, Co-Pilot, Gunner, Navigator
Carrying Capacity: 30 Space Marines or equivalent cargo.
Renown: Famed


Weapon Facing Range RoF Damage Pen Clip Reload Special
Pilot-operated double lascannons Front 300m S/ – / – 6d10+10 E 10 40 2Full
Gunner-operated turbo-laser Front 750m S/ – / – 4d10+30 E 20 5 N/A Blast (8), Felling (2)
6 Co-pilot-operated Hellstrike missiles Front 1000m S/ – / – 4d10+6 X 10 1 N/A Blast (1)
Twin-linked heavy bolters Front/Left 150m – / – /10 2d10+10 X 6 200 2Full Twin-linked, Tearing
Twin-linked heavy bolters Front/Right 150m – / – /10 2d10+10 X 6 200 2Full Twin-linked, Tearing

Special Rules

Spacecraft: This vehicles may exit the atmosphere. While in the atmosphere it may operate as a skimmer or flyer at the pilot’s choice. It gains all the benefits and drawbacks of skimmers and flyers.
Ceramite Armour: Thunderhawks are equipped with heat-resistant ceramite armour for atmospheric re-entry. Any melta weapons count their Penetration as 0 against a Thunderhawk.
Reinforced Hull: When a vehicle with a Reinforced Hull receives a Critical Hit, halve the results, rounding up. This does not affect rolls on the Critical Hit chart generated by Righteous Fury.


Xenocide’s origin chapter is unknown as it was donated in 901.M40 by an Astartes Deathwatch aspirant only known as Brother Bokhtar.

Thunderhawk Gunships are the primary aircraft of the Adeptus Astartes, combinging the roles of orbital dropship, air-to-ground attack gunship and bomber, and space attack and transport vessel. They are the backbone of many missions, and more than one planetary assault has succeeded due to their timely intervention.

Each Thunderhawk has more armour plating than many bunkers, as well as layers of heat-resistant ceramite capable of withstanding multiple orbital re-entries as well as direct enemy fire. Aided by an onboard Machine Spirit comparable to that of a Reaver Titan, a Thunderhawk is fully armed with a huge battle cannon or turbo-laser as a main dorsal gun, plus a multitude of heavy weapons to provide devastating fire support for its transported troops. It can alternatively carry massive bombs or air to surface missiles, and some variants can even transport tanks into combat. No matter the requirement, if Space Marines need to deploy massive forces into a combat area from the skies, the Thunderhawks will be ready and capable.

Current Crew
Astropath: (?)


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