The Caliginous

Custom Gladius-Class Frigate



Speed: 13 (18) Manoeuvrability: +30
Detection: +15 Armour: 18/18
Void Shields: 3/3 Hull Integrity: 34/34
Space: 0/40 Power: 0/46
Morale: 139/139% Population: 5/100%
Turret Rating: 2
Weapon Capacity: 2 dorsal, 3 prow, 1 port, 1 starboard
SP Total Cost: 54

Essential Components

Plasma Drive

Reliable Construction: If this Component becomes damaged,
depressurized, or suffers a Critical Hit (including a 4 or 6 result
on the chart), roll 1d10. On a 4 or higher, the effect is ignored.

Oversized Engines: Increase the Ship’s speed by +2 and
Manoeuvrability by +5

Warp Drive

Haste of the Damned: Reduce the duration of all warp
passages by half. However, roll on the Warp Travel Encounters
table (page 186 of Rogue TRadeR) every three days rather
than every five days.

Overcharged: Reduce the base travel time for a journey
through the Immaterium by 1d5 weeks. It may be further
modified by the results of the Navigation (Warp) Test.

Steady as She Goes: Add a +20 bonus, cumulative with
any applicable bonus for Assessing Warp Conditions, to any
tests made on Table 7–4: Warp Travel Encounters (see Rogue
Trader page 186).

Quiet Entrance: When leaving the warp, the vessel
has ample time to accurately position itself. Any tests the
Navigator makes to fix the exit point gain a +10 bonus.

Gellar Field

Tainted Field: Any Navigation Tests to pilot the ship through
the warp gain a +10 bonus. However, subtract -20 from the
result of any rolls made on the Warp Travel Encounters table
on page 186 of Rogue TRadeR to reflect the increased risk of
warp incident using this type of Gellar field.

Auto-engagement routines: If the ship unexpectedly
enters the warp, roll 1d10. On a 3 or higher, the Gellar Field
activates automatically, protecting the ship from any warp
intrusion that may have taken place.

Void Shields

Charged particle repulsion effect: The ship does not suffer
penalties to Manoeuvre Actions when travelling through
nebulas, ice rings, plasma clouds or other celestial phenomena
consisting primarily of small particles.


Improved bombardment directions: All Ballistic Skills Tests
against planetary based targets gain a +10 bonus. Additionally,
ground-based forces in vox communication with a ship equipped
with an Invasion Bridge count as being equipped with a
Multicompass (Page 146, Rogue TRadeR core rulebook).

Life Sustainer

Lifeline: Increase Morale permanently by +1. This starship reduces Crew Population and Morale losses due to Depressurization by 4, to a minimum of 0.



Auger Array

No Broadcasting: When on silent running (Rogue Trader, page 218) this vessel may perform any Detection actions without penalty.

Incoming!: All Ballistic Skills Tests against planetary based targets gain a +5 bonus.

Mark your targets: When working towards a Military objective, the players earn an additional 50 Achievement Points towards completing that objective.

Active Scanning: The broad array of systems grants +10 to the ship’s Detection, and a +15 to detect vessels on Silent Running when using Active Augury.

Signal Beacon: Due to the intense energy signature of the array, vessels targeting a ship equipped with this component gain +5 to all Ballistic Skill Tests to fire their weapons.

Long Range Scanning: This ship gains +5 Detection when using Active Augury.

Supplemental Components

Weapon Location Strength Damage Crit Rating Range

Jovian Missile Battery (best quality, bleh torpedoes, bleh torpedoes), Gryphonne (best quality), Medicae Deck, Emergency Energy Reserves, Energistic Conversion Matrix, Chameleon Hull, Shadowfield.

Complications / Background

Skittish: The ship fears battle, bucking against its masters when entering the fray. When in combat, reduce the ship’s Speed by 1. However, when not in danger, it runs eagerly and fast. Reduce the travel time for any long distance (between stars) voyage by 1d5 weeks, to a minimum of 1.

Ancient and Wise: This ship is of a bygone age, having survived many millennia of voyages and adventures. It’s hull has weakened over the centuries, but it anticipates the needs of its crew, and will move as one with a competent master. The ship suffers –4 Hull Integrity but gains a +10 bonus to any Manoeuvre Actions it performs (including out of combat and ramming).

Explorator Augury: The vessels the Mechanicus supplies to
its Explorators are invariably equipped with boosted auspexes
and augur arrays to better aid them in their mission. Add
+10 to the ship’s Detection, and when working towards
an Exploration objective, the players earn an additional 50
Achievement Points.

Rerouted Power: Explorator vessels do require vast amounts
of power to be rerouted to their boosted augur systems. Reduce
the ship’s Speed value by 1 and its Manoeuvrability by -5.

Strike and Fade: The reaver clans have long practised the
art of stealth attacks, a must for a successful buccaneer. Their
ships have been modified for the task, with masked drive
tubes and baffles to diffuse their signature. All Silent Running
manoeuvres the ship performs gain a +10 bonus.

Crew: Captain, Magos, Helmsman, Pilots, Navigator, Astropath ascendant & choir, 15,000 servitors and serfs.
Passengers: Kill-team Enigma, [Inquisitor] and his detail.
Cargo: Thunderhawk Gunship (Xenocide), Thunderhawk Trasnporter, Caestus Assault Ram, Gun-cutter (Deliverance), Land Raider Crusader.

Haunted: Some nameless horror haunts this vessel’s past, leaving voidsmen to whisper stories of ghosts wandering
through the corridors and cabins. Reduce Morale permanently by 10. However, strange premonitions flicker on the
auger arrays, granting a +6 to the ship’s Detection. Additionally, all non-crewmembers suffer –5 to Command Tests
involving boarding actions or hit and run actions against the haunted vessel. The presence of these spirits may cause
many other issues, depending on their origins and how they came to haunt the vessel (something the GM should

Wrested from a Space Hulk: The ship has been recovered from a space hulk – a mass of wrecked ships that drifts
intermittently through the warp and realspace. The ship is very old (and thus of high quality), but those who know of
its origins whisper that it is cursed. The ship gains +1 Armour, +1 Speed, and +3 Manoeuvrability. However, every
time the crew suffers a Misfortune, the GM rolls twice and chooses the worse of the two. The curse can have many
other effects as well, many ill, but a truly skilled Rogue Trader can turn any situation to profit…

Temperamental Warp Engine: The ship suffers a flutter in its Warp Engines, an inconsistency that no amount
of maintenance or supplication can eliminate. Whenever the ship travels through the immaterium, the GM should
roll 1d10. On a 6 or lower, the journey takes an additional 1d5 weeks, on a 7 or higher, the travel time is reduced
1d5 weeks instead (potentially causing the ship to arrive before it left!). However, once in a great while, the ship
will leave the warp to unexpectedly find itself someplace other than its intended destination. (This is at the GM’s
discretion, but should not happen on a regular basis.)


Hull: Frigate
Class: Gladius
Dimensions: 1.8 km long, 0.4 km abeam at fins
Mass: 6 megatons
Crew: 15000 crew, approx.
Accel: 7.6 gravities max, sustainable acceleration
Maximum Speed: 360,000 km/hr. approx.

This ship’s last term of service ended violently and drifted as a ghost ship for at least a millennium. The derelict showed signs of both a cover up (data wiped, markings marred) and scavenging (valuable parts missing). The logic engines and black box had been torn from its innards, and the names of the victims and the ship’s original name were never discovered. The wreckage and debris of this ship was refurbished by [Inquisitor] for service in the Deathwatch and renamed Caliginous, but its machine spirit never fully recovered and the residual deaths of its past keeps it company.

The Caliginous

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